BitClub Network Mining Pool Launching within 12-24 hours

Right now BCN is putting the finishing touches on their mining pool module and will be making it live within the next 12-24 hours. Once they launch you can easily track your earnings and daily payments. 

Each full share will earn profits for 1,000 days and then it will expire. During this time you will earn additional shares that are good for 1,000 days as well.

How Do These Fractional Shares Work? 

Every time you receive a payment from the mining profits a portion is paid directly into your wallet and another portion is used to purchase a fractional share of the mining pool you earned it from. These fractional shares can be purchased up to two times each day. 

The minimum re-purchase amount is .01 BTC (which is about $4.00 USD as of today). Everything will be shown in BTC and any amounts under .01 BTC will accumulate on the side until the minimum is met and a purchase is made.

For each new share purchased there will be a 10 day hold time before it goes live. This 10 day hold now apply s to both new share purchases and fractional share re-purchases. The reason we are holding these out for 10 days is to allow us time to purchase the equipment/power before we begin paying profits back. This is another piece that allows our mining operation to be sustainable.

Example... If you are in Pool #1 there is a 50/50 split on all revenue earned. So if you earned .02 BTC you are paid .01 BTC to your wallet and .01 BTC is used to purchase an additional share. Once your invoice is paid there will be a 10 day countdown before earnings begin. 

So keeping with this example the .01 BTC used to purchase a fractional share is equal to 0.8% of a full share. This means you would see your share ownership increase from 1.00 to 1.08 after 10 days.

When Do These Fractional Shares Expire?

Only full shares have an expiration date and all fractional shares will eventually build up to become a full share as you accumulate mining profits. Once a full share is earned that share will expire based on the initial date of your first fractional share that is being counted toward a full share. This means in many cases your fractional shares will not have a full 1,000 days earning power depending on when they are counted. 

Are you ready to start earning daily profits? 

BitClub Network is so excited to launch this and just want to thank you for being part of the BitClub Network pre-launch... This is only the very very beginning of what we plan to do and we wanted to make sure everything was working bug free so that you can feel comfortable sharing this opportunity with your team. 

BCN has some big things planed for the future that go way beyond mining and once they have everything running with all compensation structures stable we will be announcing some really exciting news. 

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