BitClub Network Mining Pools Are LIVE!!

Mining Pools Are LIVE!! 
Date: October 15th 

Everything has been synced up between BCN (BitClub Network) mining operation and the revenue sharing pools. This integration took more work than they expected but think you are really going to love how simple they've made it for you to view and track your earnings in each pool. 

Everyone who joined before today will have 1,000 days starting now! (no matter when your share was purchased)

IMPORTANT: Please understand this module just went live and BCN will continue to test and monitor it over the next few days to make sure everything is displaying correctly and paying out properly. BCN is currently working on adding more stats and features to show even more details. 

Click Here to view your Mining Pool earnings - You can also click at the top right of each page where you see Mining Pool Earnings, and then again under the main Navigation menu below Earnings >> Mining Pool Stats

How Re-Purchases Work... 

Right now you will see the total amount you have earned in each pool, the total amount paid to you, and the total amount set aside for re-purchases. As stated in a previous update each share will be held for 10 days before it goes live and this includes all fractional shares as well. 

Many members have already earned a fractional share re-purchase and you can see this accumulating on the stats page. After 10 days your shares will be added and paid out daily.

CORRECTION: In the last update BCN got something wrong in regards to the fractional shares. You will accumulate a full share over time in each pool and when this share becomes a full share it's this date that will start your 1,000 days. Not the date of your first purchase. This means you may earn profits for well over 1,000 days on your fractional shares! 

CORRECTION #2: BCN also stated they were going to pay mining profits every 12 hours (and eventually we will) However, right now with every share just getting started and the fact each share will take 10 days to begin earning it doesn't make sense to pay this twice daily so we will pay it once daily! 

Moving Forward... What is LIVE... What is NEXT? 

BCN has launched their 3 major pieces that make up the "backbone"

  • Binary Tree
  • Level-up Commission Structure
  • Mining Pools

In the next few days BCN will start migrating toward a very strict payout schedule. Right now you will notice that commissions are not being calculated and updated on a regular schedule. BCN push the tree about 2-3 times per day and the Level up once per day. 

Soon you will see a countdown clock that will run every 24 hours. This clock will be very important for you because when it hits zero the binary commissions will be calculated and paid. The credits from the binary will be updated every few minutes, but the payout happens only once per day. 

In addition, when this clock hits zero the mining pool earnings will be paid and released into your wallet. At the same time all level up commissions will be in real time updating every few minutes and paying out instantly once the transaction has been confirmed. BitClub Network will soon have the fastest paying opportunity of all time :) 

What is Next... 

BCN needs about 5 days to monitor everything, beef up security and run many redundancy checks on our scripts to make sure this is truly scalable. After this period you will see a lot of new features going live

  • Language Translations for entire site
  • Upgraded Enrollment tree (easier to track, sort and search)
  • Upgraded Binary view with more details
  • Expanded tools and resources for marketing
  • More Bitcoin and digital currency training
  • Exclusive deals and opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem
  • And much more...

This is only the beginning... In fact, it is truly day 1 because now you have 1,000 days to earn with BCN mining pools. We have big plans to turn this into much more than a mining community. 

BCN will only give you updates on things that will be happening and live within a few months, but just know your membership in BitClub Network is going to provide amazing value over the next 1,000 days and beyond

Here's to a very bright future! 

Join BitClub Network today!

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