NEW BitClub Network Powerpoint

Check out the new Bitclub Network (in short BCN) powerpoint presentation.

What is BitClub Network? from Kevin McConnell

Download it here or you can see it in your Bitclub Network backoffice 

==> If you haven't joined yet, go here :
Click on Resources and then Marketing Tools 
First commissions are paid out today and then every time someone join the referrer is paid in real time after payment has been confirmed which can take about 10 - 60 min. within the
bitcoin network and of course get paid on  downline activity... real time... WOW!
So it's not even daily... it's real time instant!

There is NOTHING like this opportunity. 

ZERO competition!

1. 100% global
2. 100% anonymous
3. First TRUE & REAL Passive daily income
stream from cryptocurrency mining (not just
bitcoin but most profitable coin at the moment)
4. Active income stream by building a
team and getting paid to infinity
5. Binary payplan
6. 2 generations of matching bonus, no
extra qualification.
7. Instant real time commission payout
8. Use commissions to pay others in
and to purchase more shares or withdraw
paid automatically and that's only possible
because all payments are done via bitcoin

Cryprocurrency Mining pro's already joined and they agree this is THE only program that combined cryptocurrency mining & with a powerful and unique network marketing payplan.

Helping you and your team to make profits daily just by joining and helping them to make enormous residual incomes by building a team... sharing this with others globally.

There are no products to ship... and it's already exploding around the world.

People even doing offline meetings.

Very powerful stuff.

Since part of the payplan is a binary I suggest to join asap... the faster you in, the faster you can get potential spillover.

Spillover is never guaranteed to happen but it "can" happen... there is a potential and the sooner you join the faster you can find out... but never depend on it... provide your own spillover.

But the binary can create a nice residual income but the 2 level up infinity is where the most money will be made.

Will it be you or will it be your friends who join before you maybe and ask you to join them.

Start today and ask them to join with you.

I think that is way smarter than waiting on others to take action.

The early birds will make the most.

Not because it ends sometime but because you have more people to talk to which are not in yet and could join with you IF you let them know.

Will you let them know or will someone else let them know.

It's in your hands...only.

Take action now...
==> If you haven't joined yet, go here :

For any questions feel free to contact me.
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