ClubCoin is Listed & MEGA BitClub Network Updates


  • ClubCoin Listed on Bittrex
  • New Block Explorer
  • New Languages
  • ATM Network & Merchant Platform

We are excited to announce ClubCoin has officially been listed on Bittrex exchange under the symbol CLUB. This means anyone can now buy and sell ClubCoin in the open market through this exchange.

Here is the page - 

If you would like to move your ClubCoin to this exchange you have two options in doing this...

1. Login to your Bittrex account and find the CLUB symbol (do a search for it) and then click on it. Once
here find the Wallet tab and generate a deposit address. You can then use this address to withdrawal ClubCoin directly from BitClub over to Bittrex. All you need to do is copy and paste the address under your profile and save it. Then request a withdrawal and we will process your request to the address

2. Download one of the desktop wallets from and request your ClubCoin to be sent to your wallet first. Once here you have full control and can send directly to Bittrex after you generate an address. All addresses will ALWAYS start with a capital 'C'

NOTE: We suggest you download the desktop wallet because your BitClub wallet is currently just a representation of your coins and you will not be able to withdrawal them from Bittrex unless you have a desktop wallet. We are working on a web wallet so that you can use BitClub like a normal wallet but this not ready yet.

New Block Explorer

We just launched our new Block Explorer for ClubCoin and it's now live and ready to use. This is a very simple platform that tracks every transaction ever made and it works just like the Bitcoin blockchain where you can see how much is sitting in each wallet address and trace any transaction from the very beginning. 

Here is the link - 

*If you paste your CC address into the field you can see all transactions on your account and this includes staking earnings and more. We are making some other tools where you can see the exchange numbers and also the top holders of the coins. Play around with it and have some fun. 

New Languages

We have completed 3 new languages that are being uploaded now. You will see them appear in the drop down list later today, they are Arabic, Hindi, and French. These will also be included in the replicated websites -

You may also notice we have completely updated all language files recently so that each language is up to date with all the new content and pages we have added over the past few months.

ATM Network & Merchant Platform

These are the next two big projects on our plate!

Our ATM network has been running on a small scale for the past few months and we continue to test it and improve it. Right now we have 7 machines and 5 of them are running. We are planning to launch a fully functioning remittance network for both Bitcoin and ClubCoin that anyone can use to buy and sell directly from. 

These machines will be operated by key BitClub members and you will get more information on this as we get closer but we have just taken a big step by launching our block explorer and being listed live on an exchange to establish a real market value BTC/CLUB. 

Our plan is to continue testing the ATM network for a few more months to get all the bugs out and find the right deployment strategy to expand. Once we have each machine synced together we will be launching our ATM pool that will allow members the opportunity to own a piece of each ATM on the network and share the profits from all transaction fees and buy/sell spreads.

As of right now we are looking at a late March or early April deployment for the shares and you MUST be a Founder in order to participate in this (any Founder level). 

Merchant Platform... 

We are getting close to having a beta version of this platform done. The initial target date was to roll it
out January 1st by making BitClub Network the first LIVE Beta of the platform but we are a bit delayed on this due to all the other things happening, although not by much!

Our plan is to have this first on our invoicing system by Feb 1st. Then we will need a few weeks to test it and will announce an official launch date after that. 

This platform has the potential to be a real game changer. Not only will it tie everything together with ClubCoin being accepted and having a real market place to spend the coins, but we believe it will provide substantial commissions to members who recruit merchants to adopt it. 

We have a very unique plan that utilizes a cash back type of model that will give merchants incentive to take the coin and customers incentive to use it. AND of course big incentives for BitClub Members because a piece of each transaction through the cash back model will be rolled through the compensation structure and paid out... Everyone wins! 

This project has recently been expanded to include any digital currency that we decide to add to it. So the sky is the limit here, and the best part is the merchant doesn't even need to know they are accepting other currencies because it's instantly converted to Bitcoin.

We will be providing a lot more detail on this but wanted to share a little teaser today to let you know where the ClubCoin ecosystem is headed. We have some bigs coming and 2016 is going to be a big year for BitClub Network.

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