BitClub Network Announces new Mining Partnership With BitFury

BitClub Network New Mining Partnership with BitFury

We are excited to announce on behalf of all BitClub Network members we have just struck a HUGE deal with BitFury that will secure our mining future for the foreseeable future. With this
contract we are purchasing an initial 48 PH between now and September. These machines we purchased are the most efficient in the world right now, they include the new 16nm chips with a fully enclosed liquid immersion cooling system.

This deal is HUGE for us! We are the first company outside of BitFury themselves to gain access to these machines and the first piece of this power is being prepared as you read this! We hope to see a big chunk hit our pool in the next few days!

BitClub Network is now working with both BitFury and Bitmain who are the top two mining equipment manufacturers in the world. This ensures that we can expand our mining pool twice as fast and keep up with our growth.

Expansion plan over the next week...

At the moment we are waiting on another 3 PH to go live in our Iceland facility, which should be online by the end of the week. We had some holiday delays but the full 11 PH should be hashing very soon.

We are also adding an additional 13 PH that is coming online from our BitFury deal. This will put our pool at a total of 24 PH, which triples the size of it today.

We want thank all of our members for believing in us over the past 17 months, it's all because of YOU, that we have been able to position ourselves in the market like we have. Our pool is now growing at a rate the market can't comprehend or keep up with. We are leveraging the power of YOU! A crowd funded Bitcoin mining pool that pays everything back and so far it's working!

This is something to get REALLY EXCITED about because we couldn't imagine starting the year off any better! 

 “We have so much happening here and will continue to try and balance some of these major projects with smaller features that make a difference and add value for all members. We are expanding our staff and couldn't be more excited for the next phase of BitClub Network!” -BCN Support Team

"I've never seen anything like this. Bitcoin is the money of the future and BitClub Network is the easiest way to get Bitcoin. I'm excited to be part of this!” – Dato, KL, Malaysia

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