BitClub Network Arbitrage Announcement

February 9, 2016

Co-owner Russ Medlin provided training on BitClub Networks altcoin ClubCoin. What is it? How does it work? Where can you spend it?

"We Don't Sell ClubCoin... We Only Give It Away!"

With the announcement of merchant processing platform, ClubCoin will be a big part of this process. Similar to bitpay... but better. We will both have the same features, however BitClub Network will be bringing all members to the merchant processing with

Merchants will be able to accept Bitcoin and also ClubCoin. Clubcoin can be changed into bitcoin... which can then be converted into cash (fiat money).

One of the advantages of, is that the merchants will be able to advertise to BitClub Network members, just by being signed up. ClubCoin offers can be anything from a 20% discount to a free coke with a slice of pizza if using ClubCoin. Discounts will be given for using ClubCoin.

Currently Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency already being accepted by multiple business's around the world. ClubCoin will be the second with a network of business's accepting it, but will also provide a discount for using it.

To find out more about ClubCoin and the advantages of being part of BitClub Network, please listen to the whole webinar online here:


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