Important Downtime, New Rank, Dubai Trip, and More!

Included in this update... 

  • Bitcoin Scaling - Downtime VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Bitcoin Mining Upgrades
  • Dubai Leadership Trip - Book Now!
  • New Platform open to All Members
  • Mobile App Download
  • New Rank Mega Monster
  • GPU Shares Display Issue
  • ETC earnings paid to up to date

Bitcoin Scaling - PLEASE READ and SHARE!

As you probably know from all the news Segwit2x was activated with consensus from the majority of miners (include us). The first step is done and we are in the middle of an activation period as the network prepares to upgrade. 

But there is something happening on August 1st that may have a big impact on the network. It's called BIP 148 UASF and it's a controversial way for non miners to try and gain power in Bitcoin. 

Right now the miners have all the power to decide which transactions are good and what new changes to support. This proposal would try and force the activation of Segwit through non mining nodes that anyone can download and run. 

The idea is all nodes running BIP 148 would begin rejecting blocks from miners who do not support Segwit. This could result in a chain split and potentially two or more version of Bitcoin. Or it could be a very boring event as everyone falls in line and supports a single chain.

Here is what you need to know and prepare for... 

#1. MOST IMPORTANT... We will be cutting off ALL withdrawals starting mid day on July 31st and we will resume only when it's safe to send them again. We are also shutting down the entire invoicing system so no new invoices can be generated and paid during this time. 

We expect the invoices to be down for about 2-3 days so please prepare for this and do not try and sign up any new members during this time. In fact, we think this is a perfect time to take a holiday somewhere and relax until this blows over. You may even see our website down as we will use the time to make some upgrades.

#2. Make sure you have your private keys backed up. You want to move all Bitcoin out of any exchange wallets that you don't have complete control over. Some of the best solutions are Ledger Hardware wallets, a Trezor hardware wallet, a paper wallet, or even wallet is a good choice. (Do not keep your Bitcoin in Coinbase, or any web wallet that holds your private keys) 

#3. Do not send Bitcoin or try and receive Bitcoin on August 1st until everything has been sorted and it's safe to resume transactions. You don't want to be stuck sending Bitcoin on the wrong chain or while the transition process is happening because you could lose them. 

#4. All Bitcoin inside BitClub Wallets are safe! We keep everything in cold storage and only transfer Bitcoin into hot wallets periodically to pay commission requests. So any balance shown in your back office will be safe and we can handle whatever scenario arises from this event. So you are welcome to keep your Bitcoin where it is.

Bitcoin Mining Pool Upgrades

We made some big improvements to our mining pool this past week so that we can be ready for the next wave of expansion. You may have noticed a lot of up and down spikes the past 3 weeks or so, but this has now been fixed with some new pool servers and some top notch block detection software that is helping to stabilize our power. 

We still have 50 PH coming online between now and middle of August, and another 50-75 PH projected growth each month starting in September. 

The mining earnings have really declined on a per share basis the past 90 days because of our rapid growth and bottleneck in adding this new equipment, but now you should see nice bump in the mining earnings as we push toward being 5% of the total Bitcoin network.

Dubai Leadership Event - BOOK NOW

The dates for the Dubai leadership trip have been locked down and the trip is LIVE to purchase. If you are a Pro Builder rank or higher then you are invited to join us. 

We believe this trip will sell out quickly so first we are only offering it to Monster Builders and Master Builders, you will have about 5 days to lock in your spot. After this we will open it to all Pro Builders. If you are not at the rank of Pro Builder or higher then you are not eligible for this trip. 

Leaders Reimbursement...

- All Monster Builders will have the trip fully paid except for your air fare.
- Master Builders will receive $800 credit toward travel expenses.
- Pro Builders will receive $600 credit toward travel expenses. 

*All credits for travel will be reimbursed after the trip is complete. So you must pay for all of your own expenses up front then we will provide reimbursement.

Get more information - Click Here 

New Member Back Office

The new members back office is now live for all ranks. All you have to do is click on the login page and then login to the new section. In the next month or so the old back office will be phased out so we recommend you jump over and start using it. 

We also have a brand new site on mobile devices as well as an Android App that you can download here. 

Android App is LIVE - Download Here

The Android app is now live on the app store for everyone at all ranks to use. There are many "BitClub" apps on the play store so make sure you download the official one and watch out for any phishing attempts by apps that are designed to steal your info. Very important to have 2 factor enabled on your account in case it's compromised. 

If you are accessing the mobile website on an android we recommend you download the app for a much better and faster user experience. 

We will also have an Apple app for download sometime in the next few months. For this to be approved we cannot allow purchases through the app so we are working on taking out all possible ways to sign up and pay invoices. This app will be for managing your account, where as the Android app is full service. 

New Rank of Mega Monster 

We have a surprise for all the top leaders in the company.. We are bumping the top rank up to Mega Monster!! 

At Mega Monster you will earn up to 12 cycles per day, you will also receive a 10 level matching bonus and an incredible gift when you become a Mega Monster. 

To earn the rank of Mega Monster you will need 3 Monster Builders in 3 separate legs and a total of 10 million in enrollment tree volume. To learn more visit the compensation plan details and you will see an updated version with Mega Monster Builder info. 

GPU shares 2,000 day display error

We recently just updated all the shares for our GPU mining pool to pay out for a total of 2,000 days. This will include 2,000 days of mining! Right now our system is calculating this based on the date of purchase so in some cases this can be 30-45 days before the pool started to pay and we realize this error. 

Please be patient!! 

We are working on many new things to help improve the platform and we will fix this in the next few weeks. But this is NOT a priority right now because 2,000 days is a long time away and you are not going to miss out on anything. Please give us a few weeks to make theses changes, w are aware of this issue and it will be corrected! 

ETC Earnings Paid

The Ethereum Classic mining earnings from July 1st-7th have been compensated to all accounts mining during this time. ETC shares are back to paying normally and we will continue to monitor all mining operations in the future to catch and correct errors like this one. Thanks for your patience while we made these payments. 

Overall, we are growing at an incredible rate the past few months and we continue to hire and train more people to help manage our growth. We have also been expanding our mining operations in Iceland and all over the world to find the most efficient facilities to expand in.

We are all sitting in a great position to cash in on Bitcoin and other Digital Assets. Our next phase is to continue expanding our GPU mining operations while focusing on getting ClubCoin into the CoinPay Smart Payment platform and we couldn't be more excited about how everything is going.

Please share this update with your team and remember to pay attention to the August 1 deadline so you can stay informed and protect your Bitcoin.

-BCN Support 
Important Downtime, New Rank, Dubai Trip, and More! Important Downtime, New Rank, Dubai Trip, and More! Reviewed by Kevin McConnell on July 26, 2017 Rating: 5


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