BitClub Network Growing Fast, USA Crackdown, and Mega Monster Watch...

Growing Fast, US Crackdown, Mega Monster Watch...
Date: August 19th

Included in this update... 

  • Potential of Being Sold Out
  • Bitcoin Cash Withdrawals
  • GPU Founder Packages - Fixed
  • New Ranks with Faster Advancements
  • Mega Monsters Receive BitClub Watch
  • United States Crackdown!

Potential of Being Sold Out...

BitClub Network is growing very fast! Almost too fast because we are quickly approaching our ceiling on how much mining equipment we can purchase on a monthly basis. We have already scaled back the time to deploy to 30 days but we are now getting close to our max capacity. 

What does this mean? 

It means we may have to limit the amount of new mining shares offered on a monthly basis. When the limit is reached you will see a message saying SOLD OUT and you will need to wait until the next month or until we are able to secure more equipment. 

Right now we are doing everything in our power to avoid this cap, but please understand that we will not oversell our capacity and we can either push the mining days back even further past 30 days (which we do not want to do) or we can limit the total shares for sale. 

This is not happening yet, but this is a warning that we are approaching our capacity and in the near future you may see this SOLD OUT message when trying to purchase new mining shares

In the event we are sold out of Bitcoin mining shares you will still be able to purchase GPU shares and as of now we are not close to our capacity for purchasing GPU machines.

We will never put the future of this company in danger and if this means having to cap the sales on a monthly basis then we do it to protect everyone. We hope you understand this!

Bitcoin Cash Withdrawals

Bitcoin Cash is quickly becoming a very valuable token. In fact, we love it!

All withdrawals are now being sent out for BCH and we expect to catch up with our backlog in the next few days. Sorry for delay on processing these, we had to build and test lot of new scripts to make sure it was safe to withdrawal.

With Bitcoin Cash we are already starting to see the emergence of new micro-transaction services, tipping services, and many other services that you may remember back when Bitcoin first started. This is very exciting and we believe the Bitcoin network can clearly handle two Bitcoins (maybe even three versions of Bitcoin).

Hopefully in the next 6 months you will see BCH fully integrated into our system and thriving, but for now we are just going to keep an eye on it and watch how it matures.

GPU Founders Fix

There was an issue with the GPU Founder packs that was holding back some commissions on various pools. 

This has now been fixed and all commissions should be released and paid. Moving forward, if you purchase a GPU Founder Package, or you purchase 5 individual GPU shares, you are considered a Founder and you will earn across all pools. Including Bitcoin pools

As a Founder you also receive 2,000 CoinPay tokens for free. If you did not receive these tokens on previous orders they should be showing up now and we will be making some announcements regarding these tokens in the coming months. We are actually about to drop the free giveaway down from 2,000 to 1,000 in the coming weeks so be ready for that announcement.

If your account is still not fixed or showing something incorrect please open a support ticket so we can investigate it further. If you already have a support ticket open and your account is now fixed we kindly ask that you close the ticket.

New Ranking Script - Faster & More Accurate

We have completely rebuilt our ranking system, the old script was just not built to handle the amount of new ranking advancements that were happening on a daily basis. This was causing the script to crash more often than not, which in turn would not update ranks for days or even weeks at a time.

This new script is now running every 12 hours to keep ranks up to date so you can now maximize the compensation plan in the same day you qualify for a new rank. 

When this script went live it automatically recalculated all ranks and you may have noticed a drop in your Rank. This is because our new script is now 100% accurate on volume. The previous script did not take into account any refunds, tree moves, mistakes made, and some other factors that were contributing to showing false volume. 

If you feel like your rank is not correct please open a support ticket so that we can investigate it further, but most likely if you dropped it was due to an accurate calculation of what is seen in your true enrollment tree.

Mega Monsters Receive Custom BitClub Watch! 

We wanted to do something special for everyone who earns the Mega Monster Builder Rank. It's truly an incredible accomplishment to achieve this rank and so far we have 6 Mega Monsters since introducing the new rank about a week ago with another dozen leaders knocking on the doorstep.

To say thank you we have an awesome gift for you...

The Mega Monster Watch! This watch is custom made by Franck Muller out of Geneva, its called "Totally Crazy" and you will see why if you ever get a chance to see one up close. All of the numbers are mixed up on the dial and when the time passes from hour to hour the hands jump to the correct number. It's really an incredible piece of jewelry and something you just have to see to believe. 

The value of this watch is around $110,000 USD. The entire face is full diamonds adding up to nearly 13 carrots. It includes 5 different colored customized bands, a customized box, and the BitClub Network logo with your name engraved on the back (if you want it). 

Here are a few pictures...

If you become a Mega Monster Builder before September 10th then you will be presented with this watch in Dubai at the leadership event on October 23-28. If you hit the rank after this date we will make other arrangements to deliver this watch to you.

There are some incredible things happening here with BitClub Network. We have created many millionaires in the crypto currency space and our membership is becoming a powerful driving force for the adoption of this entire market. We want to thank all of you for making this happen. 

United States Crackdown!

It has come to our attention that some groups are building within the United States using VPN's to get around the IP blocking that we are doing. This is something we are not going to tolerate. 

Right now the United States market has the ability to completely ruin this opportunity for the rest of the world and we are simply not willing to take this risk! 

In the United States we may be required to have 50 different money service business licenses to operate in each state. Bitcoin might be a security regulated by the SEC, Bitcoin mining could potential be a security or even lumped under the MSB umbrella. It has been classified as a commodity in certain instances, and the IRS is still treating it like property.

The bottom line is the United States has no regulatory framework around Bitcoin and we already decided a long time ago not to service the US market until they figured it out. We hope they do figure it out soon but for right now we cannot do business with customers in the United States. 

If your account is being accessed from within the United States or if you are a US citizen who joined after April 30th 2016 then we strongly suggest you begin transferring all Bitcoin from your wallet and prepare to shut down your account. We will be cracking down on this and issuing full refunds for all US customers in the coming months.

We are very sorry about this, and we hope serve the US market one day but for now please STOP selling mining shares to any customers located in the United States or you will run the risk of being terminated and refunded.

Thanks for understanding! 

-BCN Support Team

Not Open in the United States

BitClub Network Growing Fast, USA Crackdown, and Mega Monster Watch... BitClub Network Growing Fast, USA Crackdown, and Mega Monster Watch... Reviewed by Kevin McConnell on August 25, 2017 Rating: 5


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