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Recently I was turned onto this incredible biz from my good friend and trusted source who shared her knowledge regarding this opportunity with me, she's only been in this biz for 4 about a month but has earned $100's already.

She's been in for 30 days, and can 
already see it's power and massive potential

She made this great video for us, because she couldn't hold back any longer.

This is NOT new. This company is almost 5 years old and it's the real deal. With headquarters in China, they are solid and operating in every country, with offices all over the world. Yet I have hardly seen anyone promoting it!

Some Highlights:
  • Passive DAILY earnings
  • Earn DAILY 1.8% - 3.5% DAILY (5 days per week)
  • LIFE-TIME payments (no end of term)
  • DAILY Compounding Available
  • Multiple pay-in and withdrawal options
  • NO membership dues or fees
  • Your initial capital is available to withdraw at any time!
  • Optional Referral Plan (pays on 5 levels)

They have created their own unique product range that is used to earn for you and it incorporates:

Index Portfolio
Structured Products
Trust Management and
Individual Investment Accounts

However, there is nothing for you to do but add your capital and earn, they do the rest.

You heard it here FIRST, and if you are one of the ones who already know about this, then congratulations! If not, I suggest getting started ASAP.

This may be just about the easiest thing you've done for income.

With DAILY compounding, you won't believe where this can take you!

See the video Of Hong Kong Headquarters:

She will be creating a marketing site for sharing, but in the meantime, the Yota site contains plenty of information for people to do a thorough examination.
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