Turn your Spare Change into Bitcoin or Ethereum with Coinflash App

We've found one of the easiest ways to turn your spare change from everyday purchases from your debit card into Bitcoin and/or Ethereum without even thinking about it using CoinflashApp.com!

Coinflash counts up your change. At the end of every week or month, depending on your settings, it invests that amount into Ethereum and Bitcoin via Coinbase. Coinflash uses your primary payment method in Coinbase to buy cryptocurrency unless you specify otherwise. Coinflash only uses your credit card to sum up the change from your transactions.

Let's say you buy a cup of coffee for $3.50. Coinflash app will round up the purchase to $4.00 and deposit $.50 into your Coinbase account! Simple as that!

Overtime this can add up!

Setting up a Coinflash App is simple, and should only take you a few minutes.


  1. Link Coinbase account. This is required - if you do not have a Coinbase account CLICK HERE
  2. Link Bank/Debit card to Coinflash App.
Badda-bing, badda bang. That's it! Start collecting Bitcoin and/or Ethereum!

Coinflash App also has a referral program - 



Screen Shots of the website:

Turn your Spare Change into Bitcoin or Ethereum with Coinflash App Turn your Spare Change into Bitcoin or Ethereum with Coinflash App Reviewed by Kevin McConnell on November 27, 2017 Rating: 5


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