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Getting registered for Progressive Bitcoin Mining & Crypto Currency Trading is very easy!

There is one golden rule of investing that you should always follow: Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Invest Responsibly. THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. This is what we are doing at our OWN risk.

Who is Start Options?

Start Options is a Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Mining and Trading firm, we specialize in buying and selling Crypto Currencies as well as trading them against all the Major Currencies or other coins. 

Start Options is one of the world’s fastest growing Bitcoin Mining & Crypto Currency Trading, offering powerful yet user-friendly, in-house trading platforms for web and mobile to trade hundreds of assets – crypto currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. 
Our customers benefit from unmatched training, service and customer support. 

They conduct business and have clients in global spread and offer their services in multiple languages. 

What are our options: Trading!

Trading at Start Options allows you to benefit from tight spreads, zero commission, and leverage of up to 1:300. Start Options offers a slew of tools for traders to take advantage of, including stop-loss, take profit, entry limit, and entry stop orders. And to design their own unique trading strategy, traders can benefit from customizable charts, studies, in-depth analysis, the economic calendar, and accurate trading signals.

Crypto Currency Mining

You can profit in a few ways from mining Crypto Currencies. With StartOptions we give you the Option of Choosing your preferred option.

1.       You can earn through basically choosing a Crypto Currency that you would like to invest in and holding it for a period of 90 days. Your funds will be pooled and you will receive a percentage based on your investment amount.

2.       You can ask for a Combination of Crypto Currency Mining.

3.       Combine trading Crypto Currencies and Mining and earn on both Mining and Trading! We also have tailor made packages for Niche Clients.
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How can you guarantee profit from mining and trading? Easy!

For Trading:

We actually specialize in Mining Crypto Currencies and therefore all the trading that we do is just an additional investment vehicle and compliments our mining and harvesting of Crypto Currencies, therefore most of the trading that we do is VERY low risk and each at preferred pricing, this basically means that we place a preferred pricing of up to 5 pips in either direction and we only earn a small portion of each transaction.
This way the trading aspect of our business is very low risk and high rewards as we only take a small amount of trades unlike traditional Vanilla Forex trading.

For Mining:

With relation to mining the returns are based on our mining hashrates, therefore the faster we mine and the more funds that are pooled with us allows for profits ranging from 25% to 60% per month.

Therefore as long as the Internet is alive and well we can almost guarantee the returns, with short term trading obviously this involves many factors like technical and Fundamental analysis as well as the competency of our bots and or traders, this is why we offer only Mining which gives slow and steady returns and then we offer a combination of Mining and Trading which you can split in any percentage that your risk appetite allows you to.
Finally we have the most aggressive which is a small portion of mining and a Aggressive Trading style which can earn up to 200% per month.

Can I open a TEST account?
Yes you can. Get registered and You can either contact our LiveChat service or you can send an e-mail to in order to open a TEST account.

Register here:

When registering make sure it shows my name Kevin McConnell, as there is a referral program as well.

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  1. Cryptocurrency Mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new bitcoin are released. Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining.

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